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Who We Are

Meet the women behind Outlier Data Consulting.


Years of experience with data and data infrastructure paired with a passion for continued education.


We are passionate and committed to helping you feel confident in your data and insights for your development.


We believe if you lead with respect and compassion than communication and productivity will follow.

Alexandra Ortiz

How do you tell a story? Maybe a better question is, how do you tell an effective story? I’ve found in my 8 years of professional work in the non-profit sector that effective storytelling comes in many forms. The common through line has been harnessing compelling data to help tell that story. As a Director of Development, I discovered that even the most innovative fundraising strategies mean next to nothing if the data you need to propel that strategy is unorganized, unreliable, and incomplete. The same is true for data infrastructure. Establishing a solid foundation is what sets you up for long term success.

After overseeing a full database conversion I saw, first hand, the overwhelming importance of data health and infrastructure… and it became a professional passion. My experience as a front line fundraiser and strategist, in addition to my time as a Director of Operations has afforded me the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the seemingly two sides of data management. Those that request the data and those that maintain it. In short, I speak both languages. The narrative-driven and the analytical. 

Erin and I share in our professional passion and believe that every organization, big or small, should feel confident in their data storytelling abilities. Good data and data infrastructure serves everyone and I want clients to be as excited about that fact as I am.

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 5 states, can’t say no to a cup of coffee, and love to cook.

Erin Palin

When Alex and I started talking about starting our own business focused on helping non-profits, educational institutions, and small businesses realize their full potential through leveraging their own data I couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly excited. With about twenty years of work experience in various industries all in positions of organizational support, management and creative, I’ve seen first hand that success comes from a strong foundation.

Storytelling is something I’m passionate about. As a Senior Producer and photographer, visual storytelling has been a part of my life from a young age. A strong story has elements that build off each other. In my role with Advancement Operations I work within the database, and I see daily how the organization successfully fundraises, advertises and makes informed predictions from the data insights. These insights are the elements the organization uses to create and form their narrative. I strive to help you feel confident moving your story forward, because you are confident in your data.

I pride myself on operating quickly, concisely, and with a high level of integrity. When I was a Director of Operations I learned the importance and power of good and respectful communication. If you’re looking to work with us, then data and tech might not be your thing, and that’s okay! My goal (though I also feel confidently saying “our goal”) is to make taking control of your data as simple and approachable as possible so you can utilize it to get to where you dream of going.

Fun Fact: I’m an Ironman finisher and rescue special needs dogs.

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